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Keep those questions coming, folks. Today, a judging applicant emailed about the book apps category. She wanted to know if she'd have to buy the apps under consideration. Well, gosh no, I thought — but then I don't know how these things work, exactly. Our wonderful, completely on-top-of-things book app organizer, Mary Ann Scheuer, put the question to the other organizers.

I can't remember the last time we were all this close to unanimous on a topic. The answer is no: if you wish to judge in our apps category, there will be no cost to you. How we get the apps is still being worked out, but you pay nada.

We may adopt a similar policy for books and ebooks. I'm very concerned that many judges feel pressured to buy a few titles, particularly in round two when time is so short. That's not a good way to treat volunteers. I can't reimburse anyone, which means judging becomes a matter of who can afford it. And that is NOT the Cybils environment we wish to foster!

-Anne Levy, Cybils admin.

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  1. Jennifer@5 Minutes for Books

    When I was a panelist for MG fiction last year, I bought ONE book, but that was because it was an author my daughter and I dearly loved. I didn’t feel any other compulsion to buy.
    Also, the makers of the apps frequently reach out to bloggers with codes so that they can be downloaded free in order to get publicity/reviews, so I would hope that they would do the same thing for the panelists. Here’s hoping!

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