Monstress Volume 1: Awakening

by Marjorie Liu

2016 Finalist · Young Adult Graphic Novels

Nominated by: Charlotte
Finalist blurb: At first look Monstress is a beautiful, terrifying comic that blends Asian mythology, fantasy and elements of horror. The world is richly detailed by artist Sana Takeda’s steampunk meets art-deco style (pay special attention to the detailing on the clothing) while writer Marjorie Liu offers a tale of racism, war and violent magic. Maika’s struggles to control her power and find answers as to why her mother was murdered are just the tip of the iceberg as Liu explores the difficulties of surviving in a post-war era. As an opening volume to the series this book draws you in to learn the secrets of the world vast in scope and imagination.
— Lexie Cenni, For the Sake of Reading