They Both Die at the End

by Adam Silvera

2017 Finalist · Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Nominated by: Jen Petro-Roy
Finalist blurb: After receiving a call that today would be their last day on Earth, Rufus and Mateo embark on an adventure to live as much as they can before they die. Silvera doesn't pull punches in THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END. The ethical question of whether knowing you will die vs. being left in the dark. The concept of whether death really is a pre-ordained event, so no matter what you do it will still happen. How you want to be remembered - or if you will be. With so much to consider, it would be easy for the characters to be neglected, but Rufus and Mateo shine, as different in their lives as they are united in their goal to have one last Adventure with no regrets. There will be tears throughout, but in the end Silvera's honest look at what it means to live to the fullest will have you questioning what you would want if you got the call.
— Lexie Cenni, For the Sake of Reading