By Kate Messner Ranger in Time #1: Rescue on the Oregon Trail [Hardcover]


2015 Finalist · Early Chapter Books

Nominated by: Jennifer Schultz
Finalist blurb: Sam Abbot and his family are getting ready to set out on the Oregon Trail, but Sam isn't very excited, since they've had to leave their old dog, Scout behind. Little does he know he will soon find a new to the present and Ranger, a friendly golden retriever, is digging in the yard. He's smart and obedient, but failed out of search-and-rescue training because of his lack of focus. But when Ranger digs up a mysterious tin box and gets transported back to the Oregon Trail, his training will come in useful. He misses his family and is confused by the strange place he finds himself, but he quickly becomes part of Sam's wagon train and helps them travel the Oregon trail through dangerous rivers, illness, and many other adventures until they reach their destination and Ranger finds his way back home. At 144 pages, this is the perfect length for kids who are ready to start moving on from beginning chapters. The story doesn't gloss over the dangers and tragedies of the trail and there is death, disease, and other perils, but they're presented in a way that focuses on the families and their courage, rather than the horrors they endure. The story is interesting and exciting without being sensationalized and Ranger makes a good narrator of events, as well as adding his own perspective. An author's note at the end fills in more about the historical context and includes lots of information, quotes, sources, and suggestions for further reading. This unique blend of history and animal fiction will be a hit with early chapter readers of all ages.
— Jennifer Wharton, Jean Little Library