About the Cybils Awards

At its heart, the Cybils Awards is a group of readers passionate about seeking out and recognizing books that portray diversity, inclusion, and appropriate representation for children and teens. To accomplish that goal, the Cybils Awards works to recognize books written for children and young adults that combine both the highest literary merit and popular appeal.

As one of the two original founders put it, between the brussels sprouts of literary merit and the gummy bears of popularity contests, we are the organic chicken nuggets--both yummy and nutritious!

  • mid-August: Call for judges
  • Second Sunday in September: Deadline for judging application
  • mid-September: Judges announced.
  • Oct. 1: Nominations open
  • Oct. 15: Nominations close
  • October 17-26: Publisher submissions
  • Oct. 1-Dec. 29: Round 1 reading period
  • December 1: Round 1 review copy deadline
  • Dec. 29: Short lists due
  • Jan. 1: Finalists announced
  • Jan. 2-Feb. 12: Round 2 reading period
  • Feb. 12: Winners list due
  • Feb. 14: Winners announced

After nominations close, here’s what happens:

  • First-round panelists set to work reading and discussing. Each book is read by at least two panelists. By December 29, panelists choose 5-7 books to shortlist for their category.
  • The finalists are announced on January 1.
  • From Jan. 1 to mid-February, groups of judges read all the finalists and pick the winners.
  • Winners are announced on February 14, Valentine’s Day.