Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas)

by Zoraida Cordova

2016 Finalist · Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Nominated by: Cecilia Cackley
Finalist blurb: Alex wants nothing more than to be normal. Too bad normal was never in the cards for her, considering she comes from a long line of powerful brujas.

This YA Urban Fantasy never falters in capturing the core struggle of identity, the power of family, or losing its voice for the youth. Labyrinth Lost takes a teenage Latinx heroine preparing for her Deathday--a fictional coming of age ceremony to come into power--and blends the backdrop of Brooklyn, NY without ever losing its strong cultural influences. Exploring culture, race and gender would've been a difficult task for any other book except Labyrinth Lost.
— Guinevere Thomas, Twinja Book Reviews