Baabwaa and Wooliam

by David Elliott

2017 Finalist · Fiction Picture Books

Nominated by: Michelle Leonard
Finalist blurb: "This is Baabwaa, also a sheep. In this picture, Baabwaa is knitting. Knitting is a practical hobby for a sheep. It's surprising not more of them do it. Oh, well."

In this sheepishly-funny picture book story, best friends Wooliam and Baabwaa attempt to find adventure. Not long after, they encounter a wolf (quite like one Wooliam has read about). Readers will enjoy this hilarious duo as they attempt to discover just what adventure means and who it may include. Melissa Sweet's illustrations in water color, gouache, and mixed media entertain and add fun details as does the story's voice, which tends to state the obvious. It's a tale tale of friendship that children will love to hear, and adults will love to read, with elements that tie together nicely and lead to a satisfying ending,
— Lynne Marie Pisano, My Word Playground