Cybils Awards Books

In the end, it’s all about the books. Our primary goal is to discover great books and get them into the hands of children and teens, to help grow lifelong readers. With eight years of Cybils Awards under our belts, we’ve honored a lot of books. It’s not enough to recognize good books if no one can find them, so this section will help you sift through the many nominees, finalists, and winners to find the book you’re looking for. You know the one: the book that when you put it in the hands of a child, will make their face light up.

Featured Book

In the Shadow of Liberty: The Hidden History of Slavery, Four Presidents, and Five Black Lives

by Kenneth C. Davis

2016 Finalist · Young Adult Nonfiction

Many of our founding fathers were slave owners. This book tells the stories of some of the slaves that were in the households of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Jackson. These men that were well known for their beliefs of equality and independence enslaved other human beings. This well researched ... [Read More]