Meet Anne-Marie Nichols

Anne-Marie’s blogging career has taken her from her Mommy blog to the popular Dot Moms and then to a cooking blog, among many others. She’s now getting paid to combine her passion for kidlit and cooking over at ClubMom, where she writes A Readable Feast. We’re not sure when she finds the time for Cybils, but we’re glad she’s joined us as a judge in Fiction Picture Books.

Q. How long have you blogged? 

A. Since 2004 (A Readable Feast since 2006)

Q. Why do you blog?

A. I originally started blogging as a way to start writing again after being home several years with my children. It’s helped me improve my writing immensely. Through blogging I’ve been able to meet and network with wonderful people in both social and traditional media. Now I blog professionally for and am trying to convince my small business and corporate clients to blog for their businesses.

Q. What is it about kidlit that you love most?

A.  The fantasy element. It’s o.k. to have talking pigs and spiders that know how to spell.

Q. Do you and your kids ever disagree on reading choices? Tell us about it.

A. What, you want to read that book again? How about one of those hundreds you have in your room instead?

Q. If you could have a fictional character visit you for a day, who would it be and how would you spend the time together?

A. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Blame Gene Rodenberry and Isaac Asimov for my love of all things scifi, but Cpt. Picard is a marvelous fellow, very cerebral and kind of sexy too. I think we’d go on an archeological dig with him. Afterwards we would enjoy a five-course tasting menu with wine on the halodeck and conjure up with some famous cooks and chefs, like Julia Child, James Beard, and Anthony Bourdain. I think Jean-Luc would enjoy that, too.

For a few delectable samples of Anne-Marie’s writing, get out your knife and fork. Her unique blog features recipes and book recommendations, often side by side. Here’s a tasty take on lunch, and  a few suggestions for a snowy day, just right for winter, and check out this lesson on Johnny Appleseed.