REVIEW: Animal Poems

When last year’s Cybils was starting up, Elaine Magliaro quickly joined the Blue Rose Girls blog so she could be eligible to serve on the Poetry panel. Not only did Cybils benefit, she’s since left her indelible ink prints all over the blogosphere with dazzling, witty poetry of her own. She now has her own blog, Wild Rose Reader, but Blue Rose Girls is still where she posts reviews of great poetry books.

Even if you didn’t know this retired librarian penned verses too, you’d find yourself admiring her flair for description, as in this review of Animal Poems by the late Valerie Worth and illustrated by Steve Jenkins:

Animal Poems is an outstanding poetry book. Every two-page spread contains a gem—a
finely cut, multi-faceted poem, which sparkles like a diamond in the
sunlight—a poem that rests on a platinum setting carefully crafted by
Jenkins. I think this will be one of the most notable children’s books
of 2007.

Read the rest here.

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