Thanks for the thanks

(A few thank yous have come our way from 2007 winners.  We’d thought you’d like to know)

This one arrived stamped Par Avion from across the pond, handwritten from one of the "Artemis Fowl" writers in England.  They won for Best Graphic Novel, Middle Grade:

Dear Anne and all at

A big thank you from myself, Eoin, Giovanni, and Paolo for taking the time to track us down, for the award, and for the lovely fountain pens! 

Ta very much!
Best, Andrew

And this came via email from the creator of "Lightship," which won in Non-Fiction Picture Books:

Dear Anne,

You and the rest of the Cybils team deserve a handwritten thank you note — handwritten with a beautiful pen, of course — for the handsome pen that arrived here a few weeks ago. Since I either lost or cannot find your mailing address, though, please accept these electronic thanks. The pen is a beauty. It’s a pleasure to use and will be a wonderful reminder of the honor of receiving a Cybil for a long time to come.

Thank you!

Best, Brian