2009 Nominations

While nominations are open in all categories, we're also featuring a few genres at a time over the first few days — Eds.

BELONGS IN THE POETRY CATEGORY: Poetry collections, whether for
toddlers, school-aged kids or teens. If it's a picture book that
consists of a single poem, it belongs with the appropriate category of
picture books. If it's a novel in verse, it belongs with the
appropriate category of novels.

Just as
poetry itself comes in a number of forms (including free verse, which
is arguably no form at all), poetry collections come in different
shapes and sizes. They can be written by one poet or by many; they can
include illustrations or not. If the book you are thinking of is a
collection of poems, this is where it belongs. And boy are the
panelists excited to start reading!

–Kelly Fineman, category organizer

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