Cybils Appreciation from a Well-Loved Author

In the course of today's blog reading, I was pleased to come across a post in which repeat Cybils honoree (and Newbury Honor recipient) Shannon Hale expressed her appreciation for the Cybils. She said:

"I've mentioned before my affection for the Cybil Awards, given out by the children's and YA book bloggers. As national and newpaper review space is diminishing, I think book blogs will get more and more powerful in reviews and book recommendations."

We express our affection right back, Shannon. And while we're not in it for the "power", of course (well, most of us, anyway!), we do hope that book blogs can help to fill the void as other sources of review coverage shrink.

Stay tuned until January 1st, when this year's Cybils short lists are revealed. 

— Jen Robinson, Cybils Literacy Evangelist