2010 Finalists

Can you believe this is our fifth list of finalists? Yes, we’re five years old. This year, we were all a tad rushed as we crossed the finish line. If you spot problems on any of the pages, please list them in comments below.

Meantime, a hearty thanks and Happy New Year to all our panelists, who once again gave up a good chunk of December to deliberations.

–Anne Levy, Cybils Admin.

Click on the links below to take you to the page for each short list.

Easy Readers & Early Chapter Books

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Middle Grade)

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Young Adult)

Fiction Picture Books

Graphic Novels (Middle Grade)

Graphic Novels (Young Adult)

Middle Grade Novels

Nonfiction Books (Middle Grade & Young Adult)

Nonfiction Picture Books


Young Adult Novels


Comments 9

  1. Alyssa F

    Looks like there may be an extra “.html” on the Young Adult Novels list that’s causing a problem. I deleted it in my address bar and the link worked after that.

  2. Kyle Kimmal

    Boy, I thought first round judging was tough. Good luck second round judges. You are in for some great reading! by the list of finalist I have to spend some time restocking my shelves.

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