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January 01, 2011


Madigan McGillicuddy

Hooray! What a terrific line-up! I'm psyched to see a book that I nominated in the finalists! And a couple of others that I am rooting for as well.

Alyssa F

Looks like there may be an extra ".html" on the Young Adult Novels list that's causing a problem. I deleted it in my address bar and the link worked after that.

Jeff Barger

In the Fiction Picture Books list, A BEACH TAIL and CHALK both have reviews for CHALK. Thanks to everyone who put these lists together!


Already fixed.


Anne here (signed in as my husband). The wrong review was posted for "A Beach Tail" but it's fixed now. Thanks, all.

Amy Baskin

Happy New Year, folks! Let the fun for the judges begin. (One down, six to go in the MG fiction finalists reading list.)


Amazing work by the Round 1 judges, as always. I'm looking forward to getting to work on the SFF Teen finalists!


Wow! I'm thrilled and honored to be nominated in the Graphic Novel (Young Adult) Category! Thank you so much!

Kyle Kimmal

Boy, I thought first round judging was tough. Good luck second round judges. You are in for some great reading! by the list of finalist I have to spend some time restocking my shelves.

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