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September 27, 2011



Looking forward to see what comes of this category. Have fun judges!

Lois Hume

By mistake, I selected the Fiction Picture Books for Lipman Pike: America's First Home Run King. It should have been in the Non-Fiction Picture Book. How do I correct? Thank you!!

Leah  Miren

Like the poster above, I nominated a book in the wrong category as I was in a hurry - knew it was at deadline. The Crossing should be in Non-fiction picture book category, I think. Though maybe it is fiction as it is an account that comes from a fictionalized premise - Sacagewea's baby telling the story.


Leah, The Crossing was originally nominated in NFPB, but the Library of Congress lists it as fiction---probably for the very reason you mentioned---so it was moved to Fiction Picture Books.

Lois emailed, so we replied via email. Her nomination was moved for fictionalization also.

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