The 2011 Fiction Picture Book Judges

This category is a perennial favorite, but don't let the 32-page limit and all those pretty pictures fool you. It takes a sharp eye and a sharper mind to appreciate how text and illustration work together to create a singular experience for a child (or parent). We're pleased that a number of newcomers to the Cybils are among this year's judges.

Round One

Jen Robinson
Jen Robinson's Book Page

Travis Jonkers
100 Scope Notes

Dawn Mooney
5 Minutes for Books

Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reads

Natalia Ortega-Brown
Picture Book Review of the Day

Debbie Nance

Pam Coughlan

Round Two

Eliza Brown
Shop Talk of Carle Museum

Camille Parker
A Curious Thing

Jonathan Kemmerer
Picture Books Review

Susan Kusel
Wizards Wireless

Kristen Remenar
Kristen Remenar


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  1. Lois Hume

    By mistake, I selected the Fiction Picture Books for Lipman Pike: America’s First Home Run King. It should have been in the Non-Fiction Picture Book. How do I correct? Thank you!!

  2. Leah Miren

    Like the poster above, I nominated a book in the wrong category as I was in a hurry – knew it was at deadline. The Crossing should be in Non-fiction picture book category, I think. Though maybe it is fiction as it is an account that comes from a fictionalized premise – Sacagewea’s baby telling the story.

  3. Fiona

    Leah, The Crossing was originally nominated in NFPB, but the Library of Congress lists it as fiction—probably for the very reason you mentioned—so it was moved to Fiction Picture Books.
    Lois emailed, so we replied via email. Her nomination was moved for fictionalization also.

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