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October 22, 2013





Thanks for all you do, Sheila!! Hope it's a happy day for you. (And I'm going to go do another round of updating my books in the database now!) :)

Ms. Yingling

Sheila should be awarded the title of Cybils Goddess for all that she does. Then we can start all of our e mails to her "O, Sheila!"!

Jen Robinson

I like Cybils Goddess. The Cybils would in no way be what they are without Sheila's many efforts. The nomination form alone is a thing of beauty. And the way the nomination lists update in real time? Lovely.

Happy Birthday, Sheila!!


Happy birthday, Sheila! May the day be filled only with wonderful people and things (especially books)!


Happy Birthday Sheila! And thanks so much for all your hard work--I hope Cybils stuff hasn't taken over your day too terribly much!

some author

Happy birthday, Sheila! Many happy returns of the day.

Sheila Ruth

Thanks so much, Anne and everyone else! I'm crying right now. This was so nice. Thank you.


Oh noes! We made her cry. That definitely was not our intent. Hope the rest of your day was filled with smiles :)

Sam Musher

Day late, as usual, but happy birthday, Sheila! So excited to be on your panel again this year. Thank you for all you do to make this the best award out there!

Melissa @Book Nut

Happy belated, Sheila! Hope it was a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks in Austin!

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