Review Copies

We ask that you send review copies of any books you submit, to make sure that judges have access. You don’t need to send review copies when you submit titles for consideration; after submissions are complete we will send you information on what review copies we need and where to send them.

Before sending the review copy requests, we ask all judges to check their libraries for the availability of nominated titles. We will then request review copies for any judges unable to get the books at the library. That process takes a little bit of time to complete, so we ask your patience after the end of the submission period until we can send you the review copy information.

We can accept review copies in most any format, print or digital. We are committed to getting the books read, and our primary goal is to get the books to the judges in some form. For print copies, we will send you the addresses of the judges who need a copy and ask that you send the copies directly to the judges. Information on sending ebooks will be provided. Please do not send ebooks as attachments with your submission spreadsheet. We can also accept review copies through Net Galley or Edelweiss, and we have an arrangement with both companies to expedite getting judges set up for review copies.

While review copies are required for books you submit, we will also request review copies of books nominated by the public. While those are not required for the book to be considered, it is strongly recommended that you send review copies in some format, print or digital, as it makes it easier for judges to get access to the book. The better access judges have, the better chance that your book will be read by more than the minimum number of judges.

If you have any questions, please contact the Publisher Liaison, Sheila Ruth, at If you have any eligible titles this year, please make sure we have updated contact information so that we can contact you to request review copies.