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How Evelyn Glennie, A Deaf Girl, Changed Percussion

by Shannon Stocker
illustrated by Devon Holzwarth

Dial Books

Finalist – Elementary Nonfiction
2022 CYBILS Awards

The Book

Nonfiction Picture Book
Disability, Picture Book, Music

The illustrations of music, sound, and rhythm in this biography of a famous percussionist almost seem to boom in your ears as you read this; seeing sound through your eyes seems appropriate in this book about a deaf musician. Glennie had to relearn how to experience music after losing most of her hearing as a child, and then she had to teach a lot of people to judge her by her ability, not by her label. The story of Evelyn Glennieโ€™s career works both as a fascinating introduction to a talented performer (look up some of her work!) and also to the need to look past assumptions about someoneโ€™s capabilities to see the individual with their unique perspective and skills.

Beth Mitcham, Library Chicken



The Music

At 8 years old, Evelyn Glennie started to lose her hearing. At 12 years old, she was told that she wouldn’t be able to play music anymore; however, she refused to back down from her dream. More than a decade later, Evelyn had changed the world of percussion in ways that no one had ever seen before. Today, she is an award-winning soloist, playing barefoot to feel the vibrations of her music. This playlist is an exhibition of some of the greatest percussive feats of all time.


The Girl

Riya Fernando

Riya is thrilled to be able to combine two of her favorite things: books and music. She is an avid reader who can often be found with her nose in a murder mystery while listening to contemporary piano music, her favorite genre of piano music to listen to and play. She was introduced to CYBILS Awards through her mother, Category Chair and CYBILS Awards Board Member, who helped Riya cultivate her love for books. She hopes that others will love these playlists as much as she does!