Cybils Organizers: Melissa Fox, Middle Grade Fiction Chair

Sometimes Melissa thinks about the phrase "times and seasons"... there was a time, years ago, when she was reading Kidlit because that's what her kids were reading and she wanted to be an involved parent. But, since her youngest is now 17 (and currently reading all the Discworld books), Melissa has found that it's now the season for reading kids' books because they're enjoyable. She's still working at the local independent bookstore (going on a dozen years now) but as the gifts buyer. She finally finished her MLIS degree and hopes a library job will open up at the public library in town (someday). She listens to a lot of audiobooks (romance and celebrity bio are the two favorite genres) and is still trying to keep tabs on her absent-minded professor husband and often cranky dog. She's glad that she has the Cybils community to help her keep her sanity (maybe).