Cybils Organizers: Bridget Wilson, Poetry Chair


Bridget discovered children’s poetry while taking a children’s literature class in college. It was love at first read. As a youth services librarian, she loves sharing poetry with kids at her libraries. Bridget has served as a Round 1 Panelist for Poetry and Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction and as a Round 2 Judge for Poetry and Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction. She served as Poetry Chair in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022, and as Easy Reader/Early Chapter Book Chair in 2020. When Bridget’s not working or reading, you can find her crocheting, making cards, writing pen pal letters, or researching her family history.

Bridget blogs intermittently at What Is Bridget Reading? and you can find her on Twitter @bridgetrwilson and Instagram @bridgetwilson4765.