Cybils Organizers: Reshama Deshmukh, Board Member

Reshama has been a voracious reader from her earliest years. Born in India, where libraries were scarce, the only way she could lay her hands on the latest books was when her dad used to get her books when he returned from travel abroad. Book exhibitions also gave her an opportunity to get her hands on new and interesting books, though they were not as frequent as she desired. Even as a young reader, she used to faithfully note in her diary what she liked about each book that she read. It is no surprise then that as an adult she is now carrying on that habit by actively blogging on children’s literature (Stacking Books) and being active in the kidlit community in as many ways as she can. Reshama has also been involved with Cybils since 2015 and is excited to be chairing the Grahpic Novels category this year. She currently works in Facebook and devotes her spare time researching and making sure that the family’s reading list is filled with quality books and that her daughter is inspired by reading as much as she did when she was a child.