Cybils Organizers: Terry Doherty, Social Media Coordinator and CYBILS Evangelist

Terry Doherty, Social Media Coordinator

Terry loves literature for young people. Board books, picture books, YA novels ... all of them. It is rare that there is a book that she doesn't at least like. When her daughter was born, Terry started (re) reading children's books when her daughter was born, and, 21 years later, she still does.  She can count on one hand the number of "adult books" she has read over those two decades, because for her they pale in comparison to books written for kids and teens. 

She has been part of the Cybils Awards for more years than she can remember, and she can't remember a Fall season without them. Sharing her passion for books and discovering new ones to read are just two of the reasons why she loves the Cybils so much.

What are the books that have a special place in her heart? The ones for new and developing readers. There is nothing like the magic of seeing a child's reaction when they realize they are reading. It is like Christmas morning! It is not surprising that her first foray into the CYBILS awards was as a panelist for the Easy Reader/Early Chapter Book category. She moved to chair the category for several years, then stepped away from chairing duties because real life got in the way.

 She is the voice of the Cybils Awards on social media and is the 2021-2023 Vice President of the Board. 

Terry blogs at The Reading Tub and can be found in the Socialsphere as @TheReadingTub on Twitter; The Reading Tub on Facebook; @readingtub on Instagram and, when she remembers, ReadingTub on Pinterest.