Judging Round 2

If you’re pressed for time and want some of the heavy lifting done for you, this is the round for you. You’ll consider only the top books in each category chosen in the previous round. The six-week reading period flies past, but it’s filled with rich, passionate discussions.


  1. Judges pick up where panelists leave off. You start work on Jan. 1 and will present us with a winner by Feb. 12th.
  2. While we make a Herculean effort to get review copies to you extra super speedy fast, it is UP TO YOU to make sure you read EVERY SINGLE BOOK ON THE SHORTLIST in a timely fashion. We have plenty of librarian volunteers who can familiarize you with interlibrary loans, and there’s always that cozy spot on the floor of your bookstore of choice. Sorry for the harsh tone, but it’s been an issue, y’know?
  3. As with our Round 1 folks, we can’t reimburse you if you break down and buy any books. The same policy applies to ebook services such as Oyster and Scribd.
  4. You don’t need to be Mighty Extrovert Blabbermouth, but you should be willing to engage the other judges as soon as you’ve read 2 or 3 of the finalists. Jump in there. Go ahead. Please.
  5. Round 2 judges are asked to hold any reviews of finalists to post after the winners are announced, to avoid giving any clues to the winners.