Author Joy for the Cybils Shortlists

Since we announced the Cybils Finalists last week, we've noticed online responses from several authors, happy to be shortlisted. (Formatting in the quotes below was edited for consistency, with book titles in italics, and author names in bold.)

  • Sara Zarr says: "Sweethearts is a finalist for the 2008 Cybils, which makes me very, very, very, very happy. If you don’t know, the Cybils are the awards given out by the children’s and young adult blogging community and the process is very cool."
  • Neil Gaiman says: "Thank you to all who made The Graveyard Book a finalist for a Cybil Award. I think that's the first thing that The Graveyard Book has been nominated for, and I'm thrilled that it's an award that comes from the blogging community."
  • Sarah Prineas says: "Last year, when the Cybils finalists were announced, I thought, wow, I'd love to have my book (The Magic Thief)make that list, but I know it'll never happen, and then it did happen! I couldn't be more surprised and happy, and feel honored to have my book included on a list with the other finalists." 
  • Mo Willems says: "Any-hoo, two Elephant and Piggies have made it onto the list of Easy Reader Finalists, which means that not only are they in very good company (Kate DiCamillo anyone?), but also that for the first time I have the opportunity to lose a single award twice." He also mentions Shepherds, but you'll have to click through for that.
  • C. K. Kelly Martin says: "I'm too blown away (!!!!!!!!!!!!) to form coherent, articulate sentences but I want to say a huge thanks to the awesome Tanita S. Davis (author of A La Carte, also known as TadMack on the Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog) for nominating the book (I Know It's Over) in the first place… Thank you, Cybils panelists for this fabulous New Year's present!"
  • Ingrid Law says (after announcing the shortlists): "I forgot to mention that Savvy is one of the Cybils Finalists! But my book is among such great company, I was caught up in the excitement of the whole thing."
  • Marie Rutkoski says: "Cabinet (of Wonders) is a finalist for a Cybils Award in the category of Middle Grade Fantasy & Science Fiction. Again, huzzah! … I’m such a huge fan of my competition that I won’t mind in the slightest if Cabinet doesn’t get the big win. Thanks, dear panelists!"
  • Kristin Cashore says: "Graceling is a finalist for the Cybils, the children's and YA bloggers' literary awards, in the Fantasy/SF category ^_^. … I haven't read most of the other finalists (yet!!), but those I have read happen to be among my favorite reads of the year, and I recommend them highly".
  • Robin Benway twittered: "Hey, guess what? "Audrey (Wait)" is a finalist in the Cybil Awards! What a fantastic way to start 2009!"
  • Hope Larson also twittered: "I'm on the short list for a Cybil, and so are a bunch of my friends! … Going to K-Mart for champagne flutes."

Seeing these enthusiastic responses makes the Cybils team very happy. If we run across more, we'll share them here.

–Jen Robinson, Literacy Evangelist