Introducing Jackie Parker, Young Adult Fiction Category

We're happy to welcome back Jackie Parker as category organizer for YA Fiction. In honor of her upcoming nuptials, we present her bio as seen through the eyes…well, pen…well, keyboard…of her fiancé Kyle Robinson. Read on to find out more:

JackieJackie Parker blogs regularly on her YA book review website, The name, Interactive Reader, comes from the physical and audible responses she emits when reading an engaging book. This includes sudden cries of "NO!" when a good character does something stupid and hitting her fiancé in the shoulder with happiness when an evil character gets his or her comeuppance. Her fiancé has since learned to sit a safe distance away at all times.

Jackie is also a poster girl for where she recommends books, and as a teen librarian in the Seattle area, Jackie engages with actual teens in the wild by putting on several programs a month for local young adults. Recently, she served her teens baby octopus and preserved duck eggs among other things as part of a library fear factor, and no one threw up! Jackie is excited to be taking part in her 4th year in Cybils and her third year as the YA category organizer.