Introducing Liz Jones, Graphic Novels Category

Today we meet Liz Jones, our organizer for the Graphic Novels category:

LizJonesI am a children's writer and
illustrator, a cyberschool writing teacher and a professor of
children's literature at the University of Pittsburgh's Greensburg
campus. I chalk up my drawing skills to years of doodling in the
margins of notebooks. These days, my work usually appears in my blog
where I also do occasional book reviews and author/illustrator
interviews. I have published work in Highlights, Dragonfly Spirit
ezine, and Leap Greetings. My favorite genres include middle grades,
picture books and graphic novels. My current project is a hybrid
illustrated novel structured around a poem by Wallace Stevens.

I've been an enthusiastic member of
the Cybils graphic novel nominating committee since 2007. Until this
spring, I had no access to either a good library or a good bookstore,
so the review copies that trickled in during the awards process
really expanded my horizons! I've been so impressed with the quality
of the GNs that have been nominated over the years, and I can't
wait to see what this year will bring.