2010 Call for Judges

Yes, it's that time of year, when we ask kidlit bloggers around the world to stop what they're doing and join us. It's going to be another crazy contest year, so we're again reminding everyone:

  1. judging is loads of fun work. For which we pay you tons nothing. 
  2. you should skip skim read every word of this post here
  3. you'll also find an explanation of the secret handshake rules there too.
  4. The deadline to sign up is September 15th.

Okay, here's the tricky part:

We want you to email us at cybils09 (at) gmail (dot) com. BUT … if you don't have the right phrase in your subject line, we'll know you didn't read this little post here, like we asked.

And you'll be beheaded disqualified. 

See you all soon!

-Anne Levy, Cybils admin.

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  1. morninglightmama

    One quick question– is the email address still cybils09 for this year, or has it been changed to cybils10?
    (Sorry to be dweeby, but I REALLY want to come back this year!!)

  2. Anne

    It’s still cybils09. For some reason, Google kept insisting I was too young to open a new account. Not sure why I was old enough last year, but maybe I’m getting younger?
    Anyway, thanks for volunteering again.

  3. cindi

    ok…i read your requirements and/or job duties/description. I want to be a judge/reader. I am not a blogger. I am a grad student who happens to have 2 college age children also in college.
    I have a ton of YA/JuvFic books of my own, and I continually either add to the collection or borrow from the library.
    So, my question…can I still participate?

  4. A.M.Y

    Are you eligible to participate if you are on a selection committee for your state’s library association?
    And also, about how many books do the round two judges read?
    I’ve wanted to be a judge ever since I’ve heard about this award, and I’m so glad I’m on Kidlitosphere now where I saw the call for judges!

  5. Sheila Ruth

    cindi: The eligibility rules say that you have to contribute regularly to a blog about children’s/YA lit to be eligible. This is a bloggers’ award. Sorry! I’m not aware of any exceptions to the rule, but if there are I’m sure Anne will clarify.
    A.M.Y.: Second round judges read 5 or 7 books, but you only have 6 weeks to read them and choose a winner. Also, it will take at least a couple of those 6 weeks before you start receiving review copies (if publishers send them), so you’ll probably need to start with whatever you can find in your library.
    As far as I know, there’s no problem with your being on a state selection committee, but you’d better check with them and make sure it’s ok with them. First round panelists are strongly encouraged (but not required) to blog about the books they are reading for the award, so if you’re thinking about 1st round, you should check with your state selection committee and make sure that’s ok with them, too, if there will be overlap in the books considered by the committees.

  6. Anne

    Thanks to Sheila for promptly getting to those queries. I’m sorry, Cindi, you do have to be a blogger to be a judge.
    A.M.Y.: What Sheila said. We have no problem with your participation so long as it’s fine with your employer.

  7. Anne

    Bestbook: We plan to notify people next week. We have a sign-up deadline of 9/15 and I didn’t want to fill up all the judging slots before then. So organizers are maintaining radio silence for another week. Thanks for your patience.

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