2010 Call for Judges

Yes, it's that time of year, when we ask kidlit bloggers around the world to stop what they're doing and join us. It's going to be another crazy contest year, so we're again reminding everyone:

  1. judging is loads of fun work. For which we pay you tons nothing. 
  2. you should skip skim read every word of this post here
  3. you'll also find an explanation of the secret handshake rules there too.
  4. The deadline to sign up is September 15th.

Okay, here's the tricky part:

We want you to email us at cybils09 (at) gmail (dot) com. BUT … if you don't have the right phrase in your subject line, we'll know you didn't read this little post here, like we asked.

And you'll be beheaded disqualified. 

See you all soon!

-Anne Levy, Cybils admin.