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September 30, 2010


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Terry Doherty

Thanks for the clarification Anne. Hopefully my post yesterday didn't create confusion ... I will update!


Love this contest! Will be nominating a book tomorrow (yes, it's my own!)

Sheila Ruth

Go for it, Newfanglewriter!

Mary Ann Scheuer

I'm so glad you can nominate separate books for Easy Reader and for Short Chapter Books. The nomination form needs to be updated to allow this. Thanks!


First thing I did this morning was get my nominations in. Can't wait to read all of the good books this year. Great place to get suggestions for books for the grandkids.


Hi, what about children books published on mobile media such as phones, Kindle or iPad? Are they eligible?
Thanks J.


Jitka: My basic litmus test is if it's going to cost the judges money to read the book. The Kindle app is free and can be downloaded to any computer (or smartphone, which not everyone has). The publisher can then provide the needed review copies.

But I can't ask judges to buy an iPad or to upgrade their cellular service to read a book.

Short answer: Yes to Kindle, no to books that can only be read in iPads or smartphones.

UPDATE: I stand corrected by my organizers. Kindle books are allowed if they're the eBook version of a dead-tree kind. Other electronic-only formats are still no-nos.

I hope that answers your question.
Anne Levy, Cybils admin.

Sheila Ruth

Mary Ann: sorry about the problem with the nomination form. It has been updated and you can now nominate separately in Easy Readers and Early Chapter books.


Since your picture book category begins with toddlers, can board books also be submitted?

Mary Jean Kelso

Andy and Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen was submitted but into the wrong category. It had been up in Middle Grade but needed to be moved to Picture Books. It just disappeared. Can you find and correct it?

Thank you
Mary Jean Kelso

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