On your mark, get set …

Reminder: Nominations open just after midnight tonight. Yes, tonight. That's October 1st, right? So at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time you can click on our nomination form (which will be posted then, I promise) and nominate away.

The rules:

  • One book per genre per person. Have two young adult books you love? Get a best friend, co-worker or random stranger to nominate the other one.
  • Anyone may nominate. Anyone! This means you. And me. And that person over there, and the guy who cut you off in traffic. Or that kid you won't sit next to at lunch. Anyone!
  • The book must have been published between the last contest and this close of this one. In other words, between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 15th 2010. 
  • The book can be bilingual, but one of the languages must be English. 
  • As long as a book has a nomination, it'll be considered. You don't need to try and nominate it over and over. The nomination form will kick it back to you anyway.

Important change! Read below!

We've divided Graphic Novels and Fantasy & Science Fiction into two groups by age. Similarly, Easy Readers is now distinct from Early Chapter Books. So you get TWO nominations in each of those genres — so long as it's one in each age group.

See you tonight!