Meet Sheila Ruth, Fantasy & Science Fiction Organizer

Sheila_shorthair Sheila is an empty-nester this year and is looking to fill those long, lonely hours with Cybils goodies, er goodness. She has never taught Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she does have a lifelong love of fantasy and science fiction, kindled at a young age by writers such as Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Norton and Tolkien, and rekindled by Rowling.

As a teen, Sheila dreamed of being an astronaut, but now she thinks it’s probably best she didn’t become one, since she doesn’t even like roller coasters. These days she prefers to take her spaceflights from the comfort of her sofa, and is glad to see a resurgence of science fiction in the YA arena. She blogs at Wands and Worlds.