Meet Jen Robinson, Literacy Evangelist

Jen Jen Robinson divides her time between running around after her daughter, Baby Bookworm, and running her company, FabTime. FabTime is a small software firm that does reporting for companies that make computer chips. Baby Bookworm is a small person who cackles gleefully as she pulls the bookmarks out of books. When her responsibilities to Baby Bookworm and FabTime allow, Jen reads and reviews children's and young adult books. Jen has read aloud more than 1,000 books to Baby Bookworm so far in 2011.

Jen has been involved in the Cybils since the beginning. After putting in her dues organizing the Young Adult Fiction and Defense Against the Dark Arts, er, Middle Grade Nonfiction categories in the early years, she now acts as Cybils' Literacy Evangelist. This mostly means that she jumps up and down and tells people how great the Cybils are (a tough job, but someone has to do it). Jen blogs at Jen Robinson's Book Page.