The 2011 Young Adult Fiction Judges

Drumroll please … without further ado, the judges for our single most popular category. We had applicants lined up around the block for this one, so no hurt feelings please if you don’t see your name here. These folks survived some brutal competition to join us this year.

First Round

Carrie Harris
Young Adult Author, Mad Scientist, and Monster Prom Chaperone

Paula Chase Hyman
The Brown Bookshelf

Kelly Jensen

Jackie Parker
Interactive Reader

Leila Roy
Bookshelves of Doom

Jordyn Turney
Ten Cent Notes

Kellie Tilton
The Re-Shelf

Second Round

Steven Wolk
Guys Lit Wire

Emma Carbone
Miss Print

Michelle Castleman
The Hungry Readers

Michelle Franz

Teri Lesesne
Goddess of YA

UPDATE: Fixed a wrong link and a missing name. Thanks to those who let us know directly instead of letting us read about it on Twitter.