Stop the Madness!

Peeee-pull! Some of you have NOT read the rools that clearly state you don't need to KEEP nominating the same book or app over and over and freaking over.

Stop that right now.

Did you hear me?

This isn't a popularity contest. You don't get to vote. You get to nominate. We wouldn't need judges otherwise, would we? And what have we been posting for lo this last week … lists of judges!

So stop. Before we get really, really mad.

Easy, step-by-step instructions for not pissing us off:

  1. Check the nominations first.
  2. They're in the center sidebar. By genre. Alphabetically. Scroll down. It's not hard.
  3. Check them again.
  4. If you see a title you love already listed … back away slowly.
  5. Think of a different title to nominate.
  6. Resume nominating.

You're welcome.