The 2011 MG Fantasy & Science Fiction Judges

I have a special affection for this genre, as my nine-year-old is just growing into it. Which means that I lose him for days at a time. Even when he’s not actually reading, he’s wandering around with a lost look in his face bumping into things. Sound familiar? I bet there’s an under-12 fantasy fan in your household too.

Round One

Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte’s Library

Anamaria Anderson
Books Together

Donalyn Miller
The Book Whisperer

Justin Colussy-Estes
Guys Lit Wire

Sarah Mulhern Gross
The Reading Zone

April Conant
Good Books & Good Wine

Rebecca Newland
My Reading Frenzy

Round Two

Melissa Baldwin
One Librarian’s Book Reviews

Hayley Beale
100 Great Children’s Books

Kim Rapier
Si, se puede

Rosemary Kiladitis
More Coffee, Please

Gina Ruiz