The truth about nonfiction for teens and tweens

Part of our series introducing each genre, written by the organizer.

Welcome to the Nonfiction Middle Grade & YA category.  Nonfiction is defined as work whose assertions and descriptions are understood to be FACT.  For Middle Grade and Young Adult, these books are often biographies and histories, but can also encompass a wide range of subjects.  There are teen travel guides, how-to books, etc.

With nonfiction, clarity is important. But even more  vital for the middle grade and young adult reader is the level of engagement and kid appeal.  The book must be engaging and interesting.  No one wants to read a dry book, no matter how true it is.  They might HAVE to read it for homework, but they'd never pick it up on their own at a library or bookstore.  So along with great factual information, we're looking for great storytelling.

–Gina Ruiz

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