New for Cybils 2011

We promised you some new faces at Cybils, and we're true to our word. We have 53 newcomers among our panelists and judges this year, versus 63 repeats. Someone smarter than myself can figure out that ratio, but I think that's even better than my 60-40 goal for the year (60% veterans, 40% newbies). It's based on self-reporting on the application.

Here's a breakdown of some of the categories.

  • Fiction picture books: five repeats, seven new;
  • EZ Readers: three repeats, nine new;
  • Nonfiction Picture Books: six repeats, six new;
  • Graphic Novels: eight previous, four new;
  • Middle Grade Fiction: seven previous, five new;
  • Young Adult Fiction: six new, six repeats;
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction: eight new, 16 repeats.
Thanks to Pamela Coughlan for crunching the numbers and to the organizers who provided them.