No middle ground for middle grade fiction

Part of a series to introduce each genre, written by the organizer.

Welcome to Middle Grade Fiction, a category that is very often magical, sometimes action-packed, and sure to be crowd-pleasing. (Note: we're talking about magic without spells and wizards and elves and vampires, and action without the superheroes plus superpowers. Just to be clear). Middle Grade Fiction is where you'll find stories about the real drama of real life faced by kids and their friends, families, classrooms, and communities.

Set right next door or in a distant corner of the globe, Middle Grade Fiction can offer readers a mirror or a window, helping them to make sense of their experiences or open them up to things they may never know in their own lives. These are the books that kids will likely remember as the ones that turned them into readers for life. Excited yet? Now's your chance to tell us which Middle Grade novel published this year made you laugh or cry or cheer or turn back to the beginning to start reading all over again.

–Kerry Millar

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