The 2011 Cybils Finalists

This was the year the Kindle caught Fire, the Nook fought for its niche, Borders went belly up and ebooks overtook their dead tree cousins for good. But for us here at Cybils, it was another year of reading, blogging and more reading. Whether on paper or in pixels, we found plenty of stories worth sharing with the world.

By now, you’re probably inundated with “best books of the year” list. Well, here’s ours. Kid friendly, blogger approved. Out of 1,289 nominated books, the ones in the links below rose to the top after fierce discussions and numerous rounds of vote-taking and yet more debate.


–Anne Levy, Cybils admin.

Click on the links for the 2011 Finalists:

Book Apps

Easy Readers & Early Chapter Books

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Middle Grade)

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Young Adult)

Fiction Picture Books

Graphic Novels

Middle Grade Fiction

Nonfiction for Middle Grade & Young Adult

Nonfiction Picture Books


Young Adult Fiction

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  1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word

    Fantastic lists! I’m so happy to see Cousins of Clouds, Can We Save the Tiger?, I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat, Planting the Wild Garden, Thunder Birds, The Friendship Doll, and The Cheshire Cheese Cat, all books I have enjoyed this year (and a couple I nominated!!)
    Now, on to more Cybils reading!

  2. Jason Beineke

    Is it possible to get any feedback on the submissions that did not make the short list? Would like to know what the judges had thought of my book and if there were any particular failings to it.

  3. Jennifer

    Great lists! Will there be a printer-friendly version for us to take to the library (i hope, i hope…)?

  4. Anne

    @Jennifer: Thanks for reminding me! Give me a day or so. The hubby usually has to help me with loading it up (I’m technically illiterate). I promise to have one up by week’s end, definitely.

  5. Ami

    And a note to the publishers/advertisers: I just made an order card for each book our library doesn’t already have. So, ya’ know: Cybils count!

  6. Karen Lee

    Awesome list again! One request – please, please add the name of the illustrator to the picture book category, even if it is in the blurb! I am a big fan of the winning artists too!

  7. Anne

    @Karen: How strange. We’ve always listed illustrators in the past. Not sure what happened. I’ll have to check with the person who runs the database, as this all loads automatically. Of course they should be listed!

  8. Anne

    Oh no! Do I have egg on my face. It seems we haven’t listed illustrators for the last several years in the finalists. Oh my. I will see if we can fix that.

  9. Anne

    Our pleasure, Tim! My kids were fans of Dodsworth when they were littler so I was thrilled to see him make the finals — though probably not as thrilled as you 🙂

  10. Cheryl

    Great YA list. I just wish the word “crazeballs” hadn’t been used in the blurb. It’s offensive to those of us who have been there and seen our own ants and lived to tell the tale.

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