Big hugs …

… to all our hard-working panelists, who slaved these last few months to plow through more than 1,200 books. You folks are amazing! Cybils couldn't exist without all of you. I know your own blogs suffered, so here's a little something I'd like to do for all of you.

If you were a Round 1 judge this year, I bet you have  few favorites that didn't quite make the short list. Maybe others didn't agree with you or you couldn't quite make your voice heard above the online din. If you blog about which book or two (or three) was a personal favorite, I'd love to link to it.

I hope to do a roundup of blog posts from panelists about personal favorites that didn't make the finals. Send me a link to the post by Friday at anne (at) inlandempress (dot) com so I can post it for early next week.

Thanks in advance!