Meet Jennifer Wharton, Our New Nonfiction Picture Books Chair

Jennifer Wharton profile picJennifer is excited to be a first-time category chair
for Nonfiction Picture Books. She has been on Cybils panels for three years and
is looking forward to being in control. Mwa-ha-ha! When not obsessively reading
and reviewing for one of her two blogs, Jean Little Library and
Flying Off My Bookshelf she is the
youth services librarian for the mid-sized public library in Elkhorn, WI. She
has always enjoyed nonfiction for children but became especially interested in
titles for younger children several years ago when she was restructuring the
children's programming and now includes nonfiction in as many programs as
possible, from early literacy storytimes to after school art programs. Jennifer sees nonfiction as an integral part of her personal
mission to introduce children to the amazing world around them and foster a
sense of wonder and delight.

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  1. Jane Crowner

    I nominate Eggs 1,2,3: Who Will the Babies Be? by Janet Halfmann. This colorful book not only helps children learn to count, but it also gives a delightful science lesson about animal babies. Because the phrase “Who will the babies be?” is repeted throughout the book, children are given the opportunity to guess for themselves and be surprised (or not). As usual, Ms Halfmann has done thorough research, so the “science lesson” is valuable.

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