Meet Terry Doherty, Easy Readers and Short Chapter Books Chair

Terry2012I don't remember the first book I read "all by myself" and I don't know
the name of every book I've ever read, but I will talk 'til I'm blue in
the face about how much I love to read. And I will share that gift with
everyone who is willing to listen to me read aloud.

One of the bonuses of becoming a mom almost 11 years ago was that I
had the chance to channel my personal passion into a vehicle that pays forward
that love in a way that nurtures new readers and their families. Through
The Reading Tub,
my nonprofit for family literacy, we get books to families who don't
have reading material at home … or teachers who need more books for
their classrooms.

As a master reader, I look forward to practicing my craft every day.
It is so exciting to find new, fabulous stories … that enrich my life
or others. It is that magic of discovery that draws me to Chair the
Easy Reader / Short Chapter Category. When we find and can recommend
books that "make" kids want to practice, then we are guiding them to
their own gift. What could be more fun than that?

Find me on Twitter @readingtub.