The 2012 Cybils Finalists

Dear Book Nerds:

You already know why you’re here. It’s not for the fab party, the football scores or to watch the ball drop. No, you won’t find Cybilians indulging in those overly exhuberant displays of normalcy. Hanging out at the Cybils site is by far the best New Year’s tradition, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • You do not have to dress up. In fact, you do not have to dress at all;
  • We will not try to corner you in an awkward conversation;
  • We will not scream like banshees at overgrown boys in plastic armor tossing an animal hide at each other;
  • There are no commercial interruptions, ever;
  • You do not have to brave the cold, the crowds or the litter of Times Square;
  • You will not throw up afterwards.

See? There is no need to be anywhere else today. Welcome to this year’s Cybils short lists, brought to you by the hardest-working kidlit and YA book bloggers in existence.

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Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Middle Grade)

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Young Adult)

Fiction Picture Books

Graphic Novels

Middle Grade Fiction

Non-Fiction: Middle Grade & Young Adult

Non-Fiction Picture Books


Young Adult Fiction

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  1. Sheila Ruth

    Cybils Finalist Day and Cybils Winner Day are my two favorite holidays of the year! A big thanks to all the hardworking Round 1 judges, who read and read and read, sometimes forgoing family events or even sleep in relentless pursuit of the best books of the year.

  2. Linda Baie

    Wonderful lists of books, more to add to the TBR pile! Thank you to all the round one judges. Reading more in December is such a challenge. Thank you!

  3. Megan Neal

    Yay, the short list is here!
    I do have a question, though. I’m confused as to why Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot (in Short Chapter Books) is even a contender, since it was first published in 2010. Is it allowed because it was re-published by another publishing house with a different illustrator? (I’m not trying to cause trouble, this is my first experience with Cybils as a blogger, and I’m trying to understand.)

  4. Gaye

    How I love this day…for so many reasons! Thanks for all of your hard work, sleepless nights and busy days. Isn’t it great to celebrate good books!?!?
    Let the wild rumpus begin….

  5. Ali B.

    I am so very proud of our MGF shortlist. Incredible stories. Beautiful characters. Innovative plot lines. I can’t wait to dig through the finalists in other genres. Here’s to great books in 2013!
    Ali B. @ Literary Lunchbox

  6. Janet Halfmann

    I am so excited that my book Eggs 1, 2, 3: Who Will the Babies Be? is a finalist in the Nonfiction Picture Book category. I am honored to be in such great company. Thanks so much to all of the readers/judges!

  7. Gooberella.com

    :0( for me but congrats to those who made it. It looks like it was most, if not all, the big publishers. Does anyone know of any similar awards for authors publishing themselves? Self-promotion is a beast.

  8. Sheila Ruth

    I’m sorry that your book didn’t make the shortlist, Gooberella.com. With over 1300 books nominated overall, and over 200 books in some categories, you can imagine that narrowing that down to just 7 per category was difficult. There were many excellent books that didn’t make the list.
    We actually go out of our way to evaluate every book fairly and look for hidden gems. You’ll see books on the Cybils shortlists that you won’t see on other awards lists, and sometimes “big” books don’t make the shortlist. We judge each book on its own merits, regardless of publisher, according to our twin criteria of kid appeal and literary merit.
    Yes, there are quite a few big publisher books on the shortlists, but there are also a fair number of independently published books, and at least one self-published.
    If I could offer one recommendation to self-publishers (not you specifically, but just in general) it would be strive for a high standard in production values. Good writing, professional editing, and professional design (especially the cover) are essential to the success of any book, whether traditionally published or self-published.

  9. Sheila Ruth

    @Megan: The 2010 edition of Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot was an Australian edition. As far as we could tell, the first U.S. edition was 2012. That makes it eligible under our rules.

  10. Ami

    Take note, publishers: This is one librarian who gets much of her January order off the Cybils short lists! Can’t wait to get to work and start making out order cards:)

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