The 2012 Cybils Finalists

Dear Book Nerds:

You already know why you’re here. It’s not for the fab party, the football scores or to watch the ball drop. No, you won’t find Cybilians indulging in those overly exhuberant displays of normalcy. Hanging out at the Cybils site is by far the best New Year’s tradition, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • You do not have to dress up. In fact, you do not have to dress at all;
  • We will not try to corner you in an awkward conversation;
  • We will not scream like banshees at overgrown boys in plastic armor tossing an animal hide at each other;
  • There are no commercial interruptions, ever;
  • You do not have to brave the cold, the crowds or the litter of Times Square;
  • You will not throw up afterwards.

See? There is no need to be anywhere else today. Welcome to this year’s Cybils short lists, brought to you by the hardest-working kidlit and YA book bloggers in existence.

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Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Middle Grade)

Fantasy and Science Fiction (Young Adult)

Fiction Picture Books

Graphic Novels

Middle Grade Fiction

Non-Fiction: Middle Grade & Young Adult

Non-Fiction Picture Books


Young Adult Fiction