Graphic Novels

From Babymouse to American Born Chinese, it’s been
quite a year.  Graphic Novels use both words and
pictures to tell a story; and that story can be anything; superheroes,
coming-of-age stories, historical fiction or non-fiction.
Since a Graphic Novel can be just about anything — middle grade,
young adult, funny, sad — what makes a great one?  A great story; a
story that is told in words and in pictures; those pictures are often
complex, and don’t just support a story — they enhance a story,
revealing emotions and even plot points that the text alone does not
Help us to choose the very best children’s Graphic Novels of 2006
by submitting your nomination below.

–Liz Burns, A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are, ahem, clarifying what’s eligible in this rapidly growing, dynamic category. Please see below.

Leave nomination for this category in the comments below. Nominations close Nov. 20.

  1. For purposes of the Cybils award, the committee will consider trade
    GNs that are compilations of previously released comics; one of the
    considerations in reviewing same will be if they hold together as a
    complete storyline. However, the committee will not consider
    re-issues of previously published trade GNs.
  2. The 2006 nominating committee will nominate two groups of GNs, one for up
    to age 12 and one for ages 13 and over. The 2006 judging committee
    will select one winner from each group.
  3. For series that have had multiple releases in one year, the
    committee will pick one volume as representative of the series.
  4. The GN committee will only consider a book where the majority of the
    book is a graphic novel. Illustrated books, books with illustrations,
    or books that contain some comics will not be considered as a Graphic
    Novel; if already nominated, the title will be forwarded to the
    appropriate committee.
  5. This is a reminder that overall, Cybils are for childrens and YA
    books; not for adult books that children or teens may like.