Kat and Mouse: Teacher Torture

We’ve got TangognaT forwards
and backwards, and she looks the same coming and going. She’s not just
a palindrome, but a librarian with a yen for Japanese manga. She recently helped our own Susan sort out what’s what.

Here’s her short take on Kat and Mouse: Teacher Torture, by Alex de Campi and Federica Manfredi drawn from that post:

relocates to New Hampshire when her father accepts a job as a science
teacher at a boarding school. Most of the kids at her new school seem
stupid and stuck-up, but she quickly becomes friends with Mouse, a
fellow “cool nerd." When someone starts sabotaging the science
classroom, Kat and Mouse use their skills to unravel the mystery. The
art is very appealing and de Campi writes her characters with a great
sense of humor, making Kat and Mouse a fun read for any kid who enjoys a detective story.

If you’re a newcomer to this genre or you’re not sure where to find something kid-friendly, TangognaT sympathizes:

It can be difficult to find good comic books and graphic
novels for children aged 12 and under. Fortunately several publishing companies
have recently started comic and graphic novel lines aimed at young readers.   

Read the rest of her capsule reviews here. Once again, her regular blog is here.