Team Moon

Today’s review of the day is of a title nominated for the Non-fiction (Middle Grade and YA) category. 

Kimberly Pauley, of YA Books Central and a member of the Non-fiction (MG and YA) nominating committee, thinks Team Moon rocks (hah!) for a number of reasons.  Here’s the why in her review:

An inspiring look at the Apollo 11 Mission
a review by Kimberly Pauley

Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon by Catherine Thimmesh is quite possibly the most inspiring books I have read in ages. It’s also the first of my reviews on the Cybil’s Non-Fiction nominees (you’ll be seeing a lot of those over the next few weeks, since I’m one of the judges/reviewers).

I’ll admit right off the bat that I’m probably a bit partial to this book because I cut my (reading) teeth on the grandmasters of science fiction (Heinlein, Asimov, Haldeman, etc. etc.) and I have a soft spot for space exploration. That said, I challenge any American – scratch that – any person to read this little book and not feel a swell of pride at what we humans can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

There are four criteria to look at for Cybil consideration: the writing, kid/adult appeal, innovation, and whether or not the book “speaks” to you as a reader. I think Team Moon hits every nail on the head.

Catherine Thimmesh’s prose if very accessible and readable, at both a child’s level and…

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