The Year of the Dog

Like many of our volunteers, Andi at A Wrung Sponge is a children’s librarian, and the name of her thoughtful blog is meant to suggest how she soaks up all she reads: So here I am, wringing it out. Just wanted a place to reflect … and see if anyone else is reading the same things.

In this review of Grace Lin’s The Year of the Dog, Andi describes its Asian-American theme with a multicultural metaphor of her own:

The Year of the Dog
is as masterfully crafted as the most exquisite Chinese banquet. With a delicate balance of sweet and tart, smooth, crunchy and tender it is delightful, satisfying and enriching. The story is told by Pacy, whose American name is Grace, a second grade Taiwanese-American girl. She lives with her mother and father and two sisters, with extended family close enough to visit. The handwriting font and charming line drawings give it the feel of a personal journal and make it easy for readers to identify with Pacy.

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