Life As We Knew It

Science Fiction and Fantasy takes us places we cannot go by plane, train or even space shuttle. The Cybils organizers expected it to be a popular category, and fans didn’t disappoint, nominating 87 titles!

Today’s pick from that list gives us an alternate view of our own era after an apocalyptic calamity. The reviewer, Kim Baccellia, adds personal details to help the message sink home:

When I was growing up during the 1970’s I remember this article in the Sacramento Bee warning us of the massive earthquake that would cause California to slide into the Pacific ocean. Jean Dixon, a psychic and favorite of the tabloids, gave similar gloom-and-doom predictions. My mother would tell me that it wouldn’t happen. That this was just a way to sell newspapers.

But I oftened wondered, what if they were right?

Susan Beth Pfeffer, in her latest book Life As We Knew It, explores this theme. Miranda is a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She lives with her younger brother and mother. Her father’s new wife is pregnant and asks her to be the godmother.

She struggles for good grades, has a crush on a local ice skater named Brandon, and struggles with one of her good friend’s overly religious views.

Then comes word of a meteor headed on a collision path with the moon. The media plays this up and whole neighborhoods have block parties to celebrate the event. But then something goes terribly wrong.

Kim is also a YA author, with her first novel, Earrings of Ixtumea available in e-book format. Read the rest of her review here.