Robert Cormier: Daring to Disturb the Universe

Today, Kimberly Pauley reviews Robert Cormier: Daring to Disturb the Universe, a book nominated in the Non-fiction (MG/YA) category.  Kimberly writes for the popular site, Young Adult (& Kids) Book Central.  And, she was impressed.  Here’s her review:



If you’ve read my past reviews, you know that Cormier books are not my favorite reads. I’m not saying they aren’t good books – heavens, no – it’s just that they never fail to depress me. After reading The Chocolate War, for instance, I was kept up nights for weeks just thinking about it. That’s actually a sign of how good his books are; they all, without fail, make you think.

Patty Campbell’s new book, Robert Cormier: Daring to Disturb the Universe is a non-fiction CYBILS nominee and an invaluable reference to anyone studying Cormier’s body of work.

Given my background with his books, I approached this read with a little trepidation. I shouldn’t have worried – learning about the man and learning more about his books was relatively painless, though I still gained a lot to think about.

The first part of the book is devoted to the man himself, including his early years. Ms. Campbell was lucky enough to have known Cormier fairly well and that knowledge shows through (she also must have done a ton of research). I was surprised to learn exactly how gentle a soul Cormier was, a fellow filled with hope and love for his family who just happened to write about the darker side of human nature.

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